Over the past winter beginning in late December, as fate would have it, my old hot water boiler heating system began to falter and was in need of repair. My former heating contractor no longer performed the work I needed to repair my old system, so I went in search of a new contractor. After spending weeks calling around and being rebuffed by contractors either too busy or uninterested in a new problem project in the dead of winter, I came upon Darren Prieur of DP Heating and Cooling. (Mind you all this is complicated by the fact that I am retired, and winter in Texas.) Darren “DP” agreed to look the situation over immediately and quickly developed an estimate to repair the old system. However, at the same time he suggested I consider installing a new forced hot air furnace system to heat my entire home for not much more than repairing the old heating system that had only directly heated a portion of this lake home. I flew back to Cleverdale to meet with DP in early February 2013 to finalize the deal, and less than 10 working days later, DP and his two employees had completed the “stealth” installation of new ductwork throughout my home, basement and attic, and installed the LPG forced hot air furnace (AC ready). At the same time, “DP” also installed a new on-demand hot water system for hundreds of dollars less than I could have gotten installed by anyone else. The DP crew installed everything in a clean, quiet, courteous, professional workmanlike manner; they also deconstructed my old boiler and radiator systems at no additional cost, and cleaned the entire house upon completion of all their work. Needless to say, I am extremely pleased that “DP” did all he said he would for me, and more, for the same economical “sharp pencil“ price he originally quoted me. It was a pleasure to meet and get to know DP and his crew, and I feel as if I have made new friends for life. “DP” made what began as a stressful winter crisis turn into a wonderful experience. I highly recommend DP Heating and Cooling, they are true professionals. And, in a few weeks, I hope to have “DP” installing the compressor to complete my HVAC system and give me central air conditioning throughout my home.